If you have ideas for your guitar and are interested in joining us in the designing process, we would like to urge you to check out the Ayers custom shop. Ayers provides you with a wide range of choices and will carefully implement all your requests and turn them into your custom guitar. Just dream it, we will build it!

Head over to the main Ayers website using the links below to check out the showroom and how to customize your own guitar!


With great bass-treble balance, its versatility and size makes it a very popular model. Maybe the best all-rounder choice as it gives something from each world: great volume still controlled sound and great tonal richness.

Ayers has been dedicated to high quality handmade guitars for 15 years and our experience enables us to perfectly turn your wishes and personal taste into a custom guitar! Ayers believes that every guitar is an integral part of a guitarist which refines his/her music and playing style. Head over to Ayers custom shop and start to build your dream guitar now!

Making custom inlay on existing Ayers guitars is an easy and affordable way to create your own model. Every inlay has a story behind it.— It reflects the love and support of a father for his talented daughter; the faith for a young musician to carry on his journey; or belief of a Christian to share the love of God. — We love every story and you can start writing yours with your own Ayers custom guitar!

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