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Why buy an Ayers?


Handmade Quality

Most guitar factories mass-produce instruments using CNC machinery. At Ayers we insist on retaining the high standards of traditional luthiery. This means that every Ayers guitar is completely handmade. This allows us to respond to the individual instruments character as it is being made. This takes a lot more time and effort – but we at Ayers are dedicated to an uncompromisingly high standard, for the benefit of our customers.


Responsible Tone Wood


Ayers choose the best quality tone woods from suppliers that are certified by TFT (The Forest Trust). We believe that this makes a difference to the world.


Polyurethane Finish


The finish on all Ayers guitars is somewhat softer and thinner than on many other brand name guitars. It takes a lot longer to do the finish this way, but results in a guitar that maximizes the tonal characteristics of the quality timbers and other materials used, and ensures that the instrument will sound even better as it ages. We provide a satin finish on the neck, which allows for the best possible playability, and provides a clean neck-to-body join. Again, it takes more time, but the best things in life usually do.


Dovetail Neck-Body Join


A dovetailed neck is the traditional method of joining the neck to the body. A proper tight dovetail helps to maximize the tonal characteristics of the instrument. However, many guitar makers now utilize quicker bolt-on neck designs. It’s faster and cheaper, but at what cost? At Ayers we want the best for anyone who buys one of our guitars, and that’s why we continue to provide the best possible standards of manufacture for musical instruments – and this includes a dovetail neck-to-body join. 


How Ayers Guitars got started: Since 1996 Ayers has grown to be respected as one of the world’s finest makers of acoustic guitars. Founder of the Ayers company, Mr. Huang Chengfa grew up listening to the music of the Beatles, the Eagles and other classic Pop, Rock, Folk and Country artists. As a young man he longed to own a high quality guitar, but found that the cost of such instruments placed them beyond the average musician. He felt that it should be possible for all players to have access to top quality instruments at reasonable prices, and with his passion for music and drive for excellence he set about building a guitar-making factory in Vietnam.


World renowned Australian luthier, Gerard Gilet was engaged by Ayers to provide expertise and training, as well as design and materials advice in the new venture, and today Ayers stands proudly as one the world’s premier guitar brands.