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Ayers Guitars Runout Sale


We have just 40 guitars left in stock.

These guitars are new/old stock meaning they’re technically ‘new’ guitars but were actually built in 2005 and have remained in storage. Buying new old stock can be a positive when it comes to high end guitars. Ask any acoustic guitar aficionado and they’ll tell you, good guitars get better with age. This is because top quality guitars like Ayers are made using solid timber instead of laminate timber found on cheaper instruments. The solid timber will harden and mature with age, becoming more stable and producing a richer tone.


We’re selling the last 40 guitars fast to make way for new stock. In other words, this is your chance to buy an Ayers at a heavily discounted price. Once these guitars are gone the sale is over. For a limited time you can buy a world class instrument at a student level price.